From My Brain To Yours: Edition 0

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

The starting of something meant to be interesting.

Hello! As this is Edition Zero, you are now experiencing your first touchpoint with my writing! Yes me, Garrett, I wrote these words, they came from my brain and now they are going into yours.

This area of the internet is going to be about things I find interesting. More specifically, my thoughts as a reaction or synthesis relating to marketing, photography, consumer brands, and I guess life in general(?). As you can already tell, it will remain fairly fluid and ultimately reveal that it's just a self-seeking ploy to make myself write more.

As I was saying, here I’ll share the ideas that I believe to be the connective tissue of a well-rounded marketing strategy. Commentary on consumer brands and brand marketing. The important things influencing my work/hobbies (like how sometimes these get closer to each other than I intend). And other things that pop into my brain along the way. Consider it an opportunity to put on the glasses of another person. But the glasses in this context are a hypothetical window into the way I see things that may help you think about how you see things. Because we are all experiencing roughly the same cultural and economic phenomena but viewing it all in much different ways. By reading, you’ll get to see how I see and if you like that, you can keep reading. If you don’t, keep reading and let me know. I’ll be happy to discuss how we see differently and how we don’t.

Confused? Here’s what I mean:

As a freelancer marketing person, the skills I am developing inform the ways I think. They make up the lens that brings clarity to problem solving. So when I look at an underappreciated business, my brain notices missed opportunities to involve their story before a lack of responsible break-even analysis. Which is an important lesson. Marketing is the momentum given to an object that holds innate value. Meaning, if your product sucks, marketing may only kick the can down the road. Long-lasting and industry impacting brand value, stems from strong value in itself. Pair that value with a beautifully crafted outreach strategy and you harness the amplitude that marketing is made to provide.

If this made sense or at the very least kept you reading, then you will likely enjoy the posts that will be coming to this space. Here are some upcoming prompts you can look forward to:

  • Anyone Can Build A Brand.

  • Why the Pentax K1000 Saved Photography For Me.

  • Your Business Doesn’t ‘Need’ an Instagram.

Writing is my method of idea development. Meaning each of these posts will be based out of an idea that I don’t want to let fall by the waist side. An idea that I believe should be expanded on and tested in the public space. So read on, and message me your thoughts on my thoughts. In doing so you help From My Brain To Yours achieve its destiny (good, right?).

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