Anyone can build a brand.

When did personal brands replace personality?

Personal brand is a new term and usually applied to social media influencers, hotshot angel investors, and ‘creatives’. But anyone can build a personal brand.

To set it straight, Brand is the identity around what you do. Identity is reputation and reputation informs someone's expectations and predictions of the actions they can expect you to take.

Simply put if you want to get good work, do good work, and make sure people can see. But let me go on.

Brand assumes the visual. What people can see is often what they feel they can prove. Provide the visuals someone's needs to feel the proof.

Brand building examples.

Graphic designers, don’t just send a marketing agency your resume. Mail them a set of custom postcards that you created so they can send their grammy a handwritten note.

Brand perception: Proactive, Creative, Thoughtful.

General contractors. Create narratives around your completed projects. Define the problem you encountered, demonstrate the solution you created and the pathway that you took to arrive at the solution, and example the customer satisfaction you created. This can be done in under 500 words and 5 pictures.

Brand perception: Communicative, Resourceful, Honest.

Landscape architects. Take on that project at your family friends home to fix their muddy.

Brand perception:

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